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Utilizing spaces across your boarding school estate is a great opportunity to make an eternal impression through the help of a bespoke furniture manufacturer.
The autonomous education sector has a pretty increasingly competitive market. Hence, it is vital to make a strong impression on potential students and parents, exposing what your board school is offering.

We at Spacewood Interiors, create furniture that really fits the space that is sturdy and long-lasting. We also create bespoke furniture that is custom-made, exceptional, quirky, and impressive throughout your boarding school.

It is a great way to exhibit the type of learning atmosphere you offer to the students when joining your boarding school. We also work with your team to build tailored furniture that makes an impression, changing apparently basic spaces into apt zones for that good boarding school look.

Education furniture manufacturers

We are the education furniture manufacturers in Dehradun creating boarding school furniture that are excellent and durable in quality. We help you build your boarding school items for classrooms, laboratories, learning resource centres, communal spaces, corridors, etc. Our purpose is to make certain that all furniture is both appealingly pleasing as well as useful

Our boarding school furniture manufacturers in Dehradun unit include manufacturing, service providing, and supplying high-quality boarding school furniture. The variety we deal with includes Wooden Stools, Wooden cupboards, Display Boards, Bookshelves, School Chairs, School Tables, School Desks, Filing Cabinets, Magazine Display Racks, and other bespoke furniture.

All our boarding school furniture is extremely saleable among our clients and wholesale buyers for the reason that they are built of the best quality materials and therefore, durable and comfortable. There are many attractive designs, shapes and that can be made in all standard sizes. Our array of furniture is acknowledged for dimensional accurateness and harmless edges. In addition, these are strong in construction, corrosion-proof and completed with superior finish and polish.

The competent supervision from our mentors and teamwork has made us provide products that meet marketplace demand and shape a niche in this extremely competitive business. The years of experience and in-depth course understanding and hard work concerning new design development, the perfect material choice has aided us in delivering optimum quality products.

We are a customer-centric education furniture supplier working in close synchronization with our customers to manufacture furniture per the supplies and specifications. This attitude has made us a preferred choice and the foremost option of our customers. We make our products at affordable prices as per the budget and make sure on-time delivery.